NEATA Fixed Belt Post
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NEATA Fixed Belt Post Product Code : NEATA-RED Min Order Quantity : 10 Product Description

All Neata QMS posts are manufactured from high quality stainless steel with a 1.6mm thick wall. The fixed posts include our unique built-in impact absorbing feature. This allows them to tilt up to 10° on impact and return to their original position without damage.

The unique in-ground sleeves mean the posts can be deployed, removed or repositioned by staff at any time while remaining tamper resistant to the public.

The elimination of conventional bases means Neata fixed posts have a tiny footprint (65mm diameter). This in turn reduces tripping hazards and increases access by up to 30%.

Code Description Price($)
NEATA-RED Retractable belt post - Red 204.70
NEATA-BK Retractable belt post - Black 204.70
NEATA-BLU Retractable belt post - Blue 204.70
NEATA-FS Flush in-ground sleeve and cap    42.60
NEATA-CS Carpet in-ground sleeve and cap   59.30
NEATA-CAP Additional sleeve cap     1.10
NEATA-LT Optional post locking tool   36.80
NEATA-SH Neata sign holder (A4)   51.00
NEATA-ST Neata 40 post storage trolley (fixed posts) 436.80
NWM-RED Neata wall mount 2 metre - Red 102.90
NWM-BK Neata wall mount 2 metre - Black 102.90
NWM-BLU Neata wall mount 2 metre - Blue 102.90
NEATA-WRC Neata wall receiver clip   10.40
NPD-A4 Post dispense - sheet size 297 x 210mm                                                                                                  68.80
NPD-A5 Post dispense - sheet size 148.5 x 210mm   62.00
NPD-DL Post dispense - sheet size 99 x 210   55.20