MENNI Asset Protection
MENNI Asset Protection Product Code : BME-Y Min Order Quantity : 1 Product Description

'Menni' is a set of 4 modular components that can be plugged together in any combination to satisfy a wide range of end user applications.

These applications may include protecting physical assets by preventing vehicles from coming into contact with them. Alternatively, 'Menni' can be used where goods are stored near pedestrian zones to prevent encroachment by forklifts and other vehicles.

There are four modules in the 'Menni'  system. The end module, the body module, the 'T' or intersection module and the 90 degree corner module.

All 'Menni' modules are manufactured from a high tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with solid colour. They will not fade, rot, rust or crack and they have built-in reflectors for enhanced night visibility.

Suitable for use anywhere your imagination takes you.

And finally, 'Menni'  has been designed developed and manufactured in Australia, referencing the relevenat standards and using premium virgin grade materials suited to tough local conditions.


Code Description Price($)
BME-Y Menni end module 550mm - yellow 39.20
BMB-Y Menni body module 550mm - yellow 39.20
BMT-Y Menni T intersection module - yellow 39.20
BMC-Y Menni 90 degree corner module - yellow 39.20
BMR Optional top reflector plugs   2.50