Park Sentry
Park Sentry Product Code : PS-Y-KIT Min Order Quantity : 1 Product Description

Park Sentry is a new, attractive way to add a layer of effective protection around parking structure columns. Park Sentry adds a soft, scratch-resistant layer of protection around concrete columns, protecting both columns and vehicles from collision damage. Easily applied with few or no tools, Park Sentry increases the visibility of the column to help avoid collisions altogether. With Park Sentry installed, vehicles can confidently park closer to the columns, virtually expanding the usable parking safe.

Moulded from a thin layer of specifically engineered ARPRO material, Park Sentry buffers the column with scratch-free padding. Park Sentry's uniqie design offers extra protection in the 90 degree corners where most collision damage occurs. Park Sentry can be customized to fit any square or rectangular concrete column. Ideal for car-park applications because it maximizes protection and increases parking space.


Code Description Price($)
PS-Y-KIT Park Sentry Kit 816.60
PSS-4000-BR Park Sentry - additional straps   74.50