De Fence Safety Fencing
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De Fence Safety Fencing Product Code : DFP1300 Min Order Quantity : 1 Product Description

De-fence is a truly modular safety guarding and fencing system. Designed to comply with AS4024. 1 De-fence is simple to install and is flexible and configurable to the widest range of applications

Code Description Price($)
DFP1300 De-fence post 1300 x 75 x 75mm with fixings 108.60
DFP2460 De-fence post 2460 x 75 x 75mm with fixings 195.30
DFP2000M De-fence mesh panel 2000 x 1150 mm, post centres 200.20
DFP1500M De-fence mesh panel 1500 x 1150 mm, post centres 162.80
DFP1000M De-fence mesh panel 1000 x 1150 mm, post centres 115.00
DFP750M De-fence mesh panel 750 x 1150 mm, post centres   86.00
DFP500M De-fence mesh panel 500 x 1150 mm, post centres   74.70
DF-SPB De-fence standard panel bracket kit   17.20
DF-APB De-fence adjustable panel bracket kit   20.20
DF-PCB De-fence panel connector bracket kit   18.00
DF-SGB De-fence self-closing gate bracket kit   31.00
DF-CP De-fence connection pin     9.40
DF-GS Gate stop   27.00
DF-LL Lokk-latch general purpose 109.20
DF-LB Lokk-bolt security drop bolt 260.70